Tohono O'odham Basketry & Art

In the Tohono O'odham language, there is no word for "art." Instead, the Tohono O'odham have always created artful ways of living, seeking ways to blend beauty and usefulness.

Learn more....• Basketry Introduction• Basketry Materials• TOCA's Gallery• TOBO Fair Trade BasketsTraditional artists, such as basketweavers and potters, try to live in ways that bring together the material, spiritual and aesthetic worlds. In basketry and pottery, beauty and utility are joined together. Some call it art… most basketweavers simply call it life.

Why Buy From TOCA

For decades, Tohono O'odham weavers have been dependent upon the traders who visit their villages, taking advantage of the weavers' isolation and economic hardship. The weaver often receives just 5% to 25% of a basket's retail value from the trader.


TOCA’s Tohono O’odham Basketweavers Organization (TOBO) offers weavers a positive alternative. By working together, weavers are able to reach new markets. As a non-profit organization, TOCA is able to ensure that 75% or more of the retail price goes to the artists. The remaining 25% supports TOCA's educational efforts and activities that benefit weavers.


Your purchase of baskets preserves Tohono O'odham basketry traditions and supports culturally appropriate economic development on the Tohono O'odham Nation.