TOCA Ag. Ec. Dev.

Food Systems


Community Wellness

     We Are What We Eat

   For the Tohono O'odham – as for communities across the globe – food is the foundation of health, culture, community, family and economies. Self-sufficiency, local jobs, and healthier families come from a strong local agricultural economy.


   Beginning with our first community garden in 1996, TOCA has built a set of food systems programs that contribute to public health, cultural revitalization and economic development. Achievements include social enterprises like Desert Rain Café, training programs like "A New Generation of O'odham Farmers," the Traditional Foods in Schools program, and our annual desert wild foods harvests which celebrate the bounty of the Sonoran desert.



A Map of TOCA's Evolving Food System Work



Terrol Johnson, Tristan Reader, Co-founders of Tohono O'odham Community Action