Tohono O'odham Traditional Calendar

  A Reflection of Food & Culture CC-BY-NC-ND

One example of how the food system inspires Tohono O'odham culture is the traditional calendar.  For the Tohono O'odham, the new year begins with the coming of the monsoon rains in July.  The names of the months – Short Planting Moon, Mesquite Bean Harvest Moon, etc. – reflect the important link between traditional foods and culture. Mike Chiago's paintings reflect the life of living in season with the Sonoran Desert and the bounty produced when our community fed itself by itself.


Designed by TOCA: CC-BY-NC-ND

Mike Chiago's paintings are available at the Desert Rain Gallery, one of TOCA's local social enterprises. For detailed information on Tohono O'odham food traditions and information collected with over 30 Tohono O'odham elders, see TOCA's publication From I'itoi's Garden, available from or the Desert Rain Gallery. CC-BY-NC-ND


Terrol Johnson, Tristan Reader, Co-founders of Tohono O'odham Community Action