Traditional O'odham Foods

Wild foods harvested from the bounty of the Sonoran Desert.... Heat- and drought- tolerant crops cultivated in Ak Chin Fields.... Meat from the animals that roam the mountains and desert floor....


School Food Systems

A Comprehensive Approach

More than 2000 Tohono O'odham children attend the schools and Head Start centers on the Tohono O'odham Nation.   Learn more.... • Traditional Foods in School Meals • Project Oidag Gardening & Mentoring  (pre-K-12) • Promoting Cultural Fitness Educational Resources on Tohono O'odham Foodways:  - From I'itoi's Garden  - Traditional Food Characters - Native Foodways Magazine - Tohono O'odham Traditional Calendar - A Brief History of the Tohono O'odham Food System  School is where they spend most of their time... eat both breakfast, lunch and even snacks... and have the opportunity to learn about health, nutrition and culture.



Given these realities, TOCA partners with local schools and programs to create a comprehensive approach to school food systems.


TOCA is currently collaborating with pre-school, BIE, and IOBUSD in order to make healthy, delicious, and culturally-meaningful meals available  at all schools on the reservation.



O'odham Foods 101: Watch a beautifully-photographed video narrated by TOCA CEO/President Terrol Johnonson.

Terrol Johnson, Tristan Reader, Co-founders of Tohono O'odham Community Action